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“Cartwright’s songs tap into some quintessential American Soul …” Boston Rock – Michael Bloom

" A playback of the diaspora that brought musical life to this planet: all the music ever made-Phoenician sailors' chants and Basque weddings and radio broadcast of Edgar Varese and regional fife-&-drum competitions-drifting back through space toward some musical Big Bang..." - Jazz Times

"Incandescent saxophone playing "- The New York Times

"It sounds like a hummingbird caught in the drapes."- Newsweek

"...Cartwright sounds like he's stirring about the galley of a boat at night, belowdeck, opening a beer, fixing himself an omelet, and doesn't know he's being overheard. All in all, an offering of great loneliness. Even despair." -Jazz Improv

"Earth music heard on another planet, audible through space if soundwaves go on forever like light waves, and if not, well, it's none of their business up there anyway, what goes on down here. "- Nebraska Music Educator

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I dischi di Guido Michelone: Curlew, A Beautiful Western Saddle/ The Hardwood

Ristampato su CD nel 2010 (Cuneiform Records), si tratta di uno di quegli album usciti dal polimorfo laboratorio newyorkese degli anni Novanta che risponde a un genere quasi impossibile da classificare: jazz, rock, folk, blues, cabaret, punk, avantgarde vi convergono fondendosi in un unicum originalissimo. Per cominciare, la performance del quintetto Curlew nella sua interezza è strepitosa, le melodie sono bellissime, lo spettacolo complessivo riporta alle grandi stagioni brillanti dei collettivi sperimentali come le Mothers Of Invention di Frank Zappa. Raccogliendo anche diverso materiale inedito, da un lato con le registrazioni in studio, dall’altro in DVD attraverso due concerti alla Knitting Factory e a Washington (rispettivamente il 23 marzo e il 9 dicembre 1991). I video mostrano dunque il sound di un gruppo, Curlew, che dal vivo negli Stati Uniti aveva pochi rivali, con la classica line-up gestita dal leader George Cartwright (sax alto e tenore), comprendente Tom Cora (violoncello), Davey Williams (chitarra), Ann Rupel (basso) e Pipino Barnett (batteria): era proprio la sonorità tipica della Knitting Factory insieme ad altre band quali Naked City e Last Exit o solisti come Ronald Shannon Jackson e James Blood Ulmer, Last Exit, nell’unica miscela contagiosa dei generi summenzionati. In più A Beautiful Western Saddle oltre a essere l’ultimo album della formazione originale, si differenzia da tutte le altre opere dei Curlew perché si tratta anche di un album di canzoni, sia con la voce meravigliosa dell’ospite Amy Denio (cantante, autrice e multistrumentista), sia con i testi surreali dello scrittore Paul Haines, il quale a sua volta nel jazz resta celebre per aver composto le liriche di Escalator Over the Hill e di Tropic Appetites di Carla Bley, ecc). Che altro dire? Sia il disco assai ben strutturato sia i due spettacoli più aperti alle improvvisazioni confermano le valenze di un quintetto strepitoso, di cui la Cuneiform ha in catalogo altri sette album: Live in Berlin, Bee, Paradise, Fabulous Drops, Meet The Curlews, North America, Mercury da ascoltare attentamente.

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curlew_abws_cover copy.jpg

Reprinted on CD in 2010 (Cuneiform Records), it is one of those albums released from the polymorphic New York laboratory of the nineties that responds to a genre almost impossible to classify: jazz, rock, folk, blues, cabaret, punk, avantgarde converge merging into a very original unicum. For starters, the performance of the entire Curlew quintet is amazing, the melodies are beautiful, the overall show brings back to the great brilliant seasons of experimental collectives like Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention. Also collecting different unpublished material, on one side with the studio recordings, on the other in DVD through two concerts at the Knitting Factory and in Washington (respectively March 23 and December 9, 1991). The videos thus show the sound of a group, Curlew, who had few rivals in the United States, with the classic line-up managed by the leader George Cartwright (alto sax and tenor), including Tom Cora (cello), Davey Williams ( guitar), Ann Rupel (bass) and Pipino Barnett (drums): it was the typical sound of the Knitting Factory along with other bands such as Naked City and Last Exit or soloists like Ronald Shannon Jackson and James Blood Ulmer, Last Exit, in the only contagious mixture of the aforementioned genera. In addition A Beautiful Western Saddle as well as being the last album of the original line, differs from all the other works of Curlew because it is also an album of songs, both with the wonderful voice of the guest Amy Denio (singer, author and multi-instrumentalist), both with the surreal texts of the writer Paul Haines, who in turn is famous for having composed the lyrics of Escalator Over the Hill and Tropic Appetites by Carla Bley, etc.). What else to say? Both the well-structured disc and the two most open improvisations confirm the values of an amazing quintet, of which Cuneiform has in the catalog seven other albums: Live in Berlin, Bee, Paradise, Fabulous Drops, Meet The Curlews, North America , Mercury to listen carefully.