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And if you happen to get here this is my new website. I'm glad you're here. I have much more
work to do to this site so have a look and check check check check check check back. There will be more and more. 
... inching toward(s) love.


HI. Here's some comments to start off with...

“Cartwright’s songs tap into some quintessential American Soul …” Boston Rock – Michael Bloom
" A playback of the diaspora that brought musical life to this planet: all the music ever made-Phoenician sailors' chants and Basque weddings and radio broadcast of Edgar Varese and regional fife-&-drum competitions-drifting back through space toward some musical Big Bang..." - Jazz Times
"Incandescent saxophone playing "- The New York Times
"It sounds like a hummingbird caught in the drapes."- Newsweek
"...Cartwright sounds like he's stirring about the galley of a boat at night, belowdeck, opening a beer, fixing himself an omelet, and doesn't know he's being overheard. All in all, an offering of great loneliness. Even despair." -Jazz Improv
"Earth music heard on another planet, audible through space if soundwaves go on forever like light waves, and if not, well, it's none of their business up there anyway, what goes on down here. "- Nebraska Music Educator

...and if you want to purchase some of my music you can at these spots: