Send Help (Innova) George Cartwright with GloryLand PonyCat Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda , Andrew Broder songs by George, Bob Dylan, Ornette Coleman, Anne Elias.

North America Curlew (Cuneiform) with Tom Cora, Fred Frith, Mark Howell, Butch Morris,Pippin Barnett, Rick Brown,Nicky Skopelitis, Anton Fier and Otto Williams Buy from Cuneiform

Curlew George Cartwright, re-issue of the very first Curlew lp by DMG as a double cd with Bill Bacon, Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopiletis, Denardo Coleman, and Tom Cora.Buy from DMG(excellant liners notes here also)

A Tenacious Slew(Innova)- George Cartwright, November 2006 with Chris Parker, Adam Linz, Alden Ikeda, JT Bates, Anne Elias and Christina Baldwin recorded at The Walker Art Center, Minnepolis, Minnesota . (Innova) 2007

The Ghostly Bee- (Innova) George Cartwright Sept. 2005, with Davey Williams, Bruce Golden, Adam Linz, Chris Parker . Innova) 2006

Gussie-Curlew (Roratorio) Dec. 2003 Live at Gus Lucky's limited edition of 436 lps with hand painted covers by Anne Elias

Mercury-Curlew- (Cuneiform )Sept 2003 Buy from Cuneiform

Black Ants Crawling-(Innova) George Cartwright and GloryLand PonyCat; (Innova) May 2003

Meet The Curlews- Curlew (Cuneiform) Jan 2003 Buy from Cuneiform

North America- Curlew - (Cuneiform)fall 2002 Buy from Cuneiform

The Memphis Years- George Cartwright (Cuneiform) 2000 Buy from Cuneiform

Fabulous Drop- Curlew (Cuneiform ) 1998 Buy from Cuneiform

Paradise- Curlew (Cuneiform) 1996 Buy from Cuneiform

Red Rope- in duet with Michael Lytle (CIMP) 1998

The Hardwood- Curlew (Cuneiform) 1992 live video Buy from Cuneiform

A Beautiful Western Saddle- Curlew (Cuneiform) 1989 words by Paul Haines, sung by Amy Denio Buy from Cuneiform

Bee- Curlew (Cuneiform) 1987 Buy from Cuneiform

Meltable Snaps It with Michael Lytle and David Moss (RecRec Germany) 1986

Live in Berlin- Curlew (Cuneiform) 1986 Buy from Cuneiform

Integrated Variablesby Kevin Norton with Mark Dresser (CIMP) 1992

Plus, and in no particular order:

Coup De Tete American Clave); Unsettled Scores (Cuneiform)Hallelujah Anyway ( Remembering Tom Cora); Darn it! (American Clave) Bright Bank Elewhale (Corn Pride Live at the Knitting Factory Vol 1 (Knitting Factory World) The 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love (Shimmy Disc) and others.