George Cartwright's Ghostly Bee Reviews


George, We've sent out advanced copies of the Cd to the press. Here is a galley of the blurbs we've received. Please circle those you'd like to include in the final package. - Chris

"George Cartwright brought his band of musical misfits to The Eye Drum last February for an evening of Dixie-fried Downtown jazz-funk that was both challenging, compelling, and abnormal. At times their inspiration seemed to come from Booker T & The MGs, at others it seem to come from nearby Oakland Cemetery, like the soundtrack for a vampire movie in which the vampire never shows up. A musical journey mingling highjinks and dread."- Atlanta Constitution.

" A playback of the diaspora that brought musical life to this planet: all the music ever made-Phoenician sailors' chants and Basque weddings and radio broadcast of Edgar Varese and regional fife-&-drum competitions-drifting back through space toward some musical Big Bang..." - Jazz Times

"It sounds like a hummingbird caught in the drapes."- Newsweek

"A submarine journey undertaken by The Meters, led by Captain Eno."- Spin

"A loom on which mice are playing..." Down Beat

"Listening to this CD is like trying to read ten pages of punctuation in size-8 font."- Senior Musician

"Chris Parker rules!"- Car Stereo

"Bruce Golden is a barrel rider of the first order."- Modern Drummer

"We don't generally review this type of thing. CDs, I mean. We cover shipping news on the Great Lakes. But we love it!"- Seaway Review

"Earth music heard on another planer, audible through space if soundwaves go on forever like light waves, and if not, well, it's none of their business up there anyway, what goes on down here. "- Nebraska Music Educator

"Bassman Adam Linz simultaneously anchors and impels the action, like a man walking a hot air balloon."- Playboy

"...Cartwright sounds like he's stirring about the galley of a boat at night, belowdeck, opening a beer, fixing himself an omelet, and doesn't know he's being overheard. All in all, an offering of great loneliness. Even despair." -Jazz Improv

"As often before, Davey Williams is the pitchfork in this musical inferno." Billboard

"The most extreme George Cartwright release to date!"- Kerrang

"The sounds of a party on a cruise ship which has left you on the pier." Australian UFO Bulletin

"It's like some ghostly bee... the size of the Goodyear Blimp...and very far away."- Goldmine

by Michael DeCapite