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Interview with me by Pamela Espaland on the site.

Davu Seru and I have a new LP out on Roaratorio called 'Rag'. check it out at Roaratorio

A Beauriful Western Saddle and Rag at All About Jazz

Plus a Curlew re-issue of A Beautiful Western Saddle (lyrics by Paul Haines and sung by Amy Denio) AND the Curlew concert video 'The Hardwood' in one double cd/dvd package. Amazing music and you can check it out at

Curlew at Cuneiform First Curlew lp release on cd with bonus extra live stuff you won't belive by the Downtown Music Gallery . I thought this was folk music for years. Ain't. Dude.

Interview by me at All About Jazz

and,Bonanza:The Musical happened. you can examine a bit of the Bonanza:The Musical at Anne Elias' You Tube spot

AND you can see the original 'score' and thought here Bonanza:The Musical Score and Thoughts.

site.AND you can hear some GloryLand PonyCat sounds from the same concert.

from the same concert. Now, the bonanza stuff is an excerpt of the last 8 minutes so you may feel that you have dropped into a move's last 8 minutes. that's ok. There may be a studio and longer versions at some point and I , that is I, will let you know.

OOh and Yeah new cd called "Send Help" titled about a year ago from here at May 21 , 2009 with Andrew Broder Adam Linz Alden Ikeda playing sum Bob Dyan and Anne Elias, figure, and Ornetttte Colman for the universe and, of course you ababay..

So to get this one you gotta 1) rite me 2) search on the goooogle Send Help george cartwright .

Good news the very first Curlew LP has been re-released by New York's Downtown Music Gallery's DMG/ARC as a two cd set with live material with Bill Bacon, Bill Laswell, Tom Cora, Nicky Skopelitis and Denardo Coleman that is slammin' !!!! This link will get you to the site to check it out .

All of Michael DeCapite's 'liner notes' can be found in the discography section. All well worth reading.reading.

My music is available for purchase at Cuneiform Records (Curlew and George Cartwright ) , Roaratorio and Innova For music to listen to s