Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

Meltable Snaps It

If you'd like to see and hear Meltable Snaps It as a starter please visit this link on Vimeo.

The Duo Meets the Bear

George and Michael had been playing for about a year, here and there, mostly at the Creative Music Studio and enjoying ourselves when one day, this big bearded guy comes in the hall, carrying one big black case after another and plopping them on the floor, proceeding to open each one and pull out mostly percussion stuff, then bizarre stuff, like sculptures with antlers, a broken zither, a guitar the size of his fore arm, then a big rack that totally surrounded him. A black thing about 6 ft. tall and 6 ft. long each on 3 sides that he starts to hang things from. (Set up, you could hardly see his face from all the dangling this and that’s unless you sat in just the right place). Then, about 2 hrs later, this guy sweating, stretching his back and fiddling still with a rug, in comes the band. A big one, saxes, horns, conductor, the whole bit, smiling, joking, effortlessly pulling out their horns, adjusting their reeds, setting up their music stands, stretching their long legs. You see this playing out. – The percussionist nightmare exaggerated 10 times.

The band was quite good. Good soloists, persist playing, dedicated performers all, well managed, but that percussionist! The guy steals the show. Not on purpose, you understand, just by playing his part. Lytle was blown away. What a sound machine. What talent. This was a match made in heaven. Then the guy opens his mouth and sings. Lytle is still looking for his teeth that fell on the floor somewhere.

That guy, that big bear of a man (he had to be, you understand – anyone of less size could not have survived his set up), the one with the electronic music tonsils was David Moss. The rest of the story is the music they made together as Meltable Snaps It, a name Lytle came up with trying to describe the music, that David kept trying to change to Lytle, Cartwright and Moss, poor guy. Once the name got out, they couldn’t get it back. They couldn’t get the music back either.