Michael Lytle and George Cartwright

Concert with Marilyn Crispell (11/13/78)

One of our earliest and proudest collaborations was with Marilyn Crispell, also a Creative Music Studio graduate. Of course, this was before Marilyn came into her own with Anthony Braxton, etc. As you can hear, she was marvelous from the beginning. On the 11th of November 1978, I think it was a Saturday afternoon; we performed a trio concert in the CMS Theater.

We start with “The Hard Wood” one of George’s compositions, and one that was a staple for us early on, again joined this time by Marilyn.

“Sop End” is a duet improvisation.

new versions of “Red Hair” and “To (4)”.

“15 & 16 and 15 & 16 / Lytle’s Mood” – another one of George’s pieces, is written for duet between George and Marilyn.

“4 Tran on 2nd Movement Theme” is an improvisation on the 2nd movement of a piece Michael wrote for the resident CMS woodwind and voice septet.

“The Victim” is a song by George, this one quite beautiful and joined by Marilyn. Even now when I hear it, I am blown away by the strength of its performance and composition. As you can tell, George introduces another theme half way through and takes it to the end.

I must say, this concert has some very strong performances.