Michael Lytle and George Cartwright


As you might know, we took a swing tour of the South in April of 1979. (George gives a description of the tour in cut 1.) This section has excerpts from 3 different radio interviews, 2 of which we did as part of the tour promotion, explaining (hopefully) something about what we are trying to do.

Cuts 1-4 are from WQJU in Charlottesville, NC and cuts 5-12 are with Tom Phelps from
a station in Richmond, VA. Cut 13 is with Dean Winkler from WRPI in Troy, NY and actually made before the tour promoting our concert at CMS with Marilyn Crispell.

We attempt to talk about a lot of stuff including where we are from, what are our influences, how we structure our pieces, how we view improvisation and our communication, the meaning of silence, and finally, Michael gives a demonstration of some of the ways we modulate the sounds from our instruments.

The interviews were saved from one of those particular 70’s reel to reel tapes that disintegrates as it is played, so you will hear the tape try to stop here and there and a bit of noise from trying to restore it, actually making it a bit more fun, we think, to listen.