Zeitgeist’s performance space, Studio Z, in St. Paul will host a series of Lowertown Cabaret music events Sept. 10-12. With three hours of local live music each night, the cabaret features some of the Twin Cities' best musicians coming together in celebration. Music lovers are invited to attend one, two or three shows each night.
Performances include:
Thursday, September 10:
7 p.m. – Mississippi Peace
8 p.m. – George Cartwright GloryLand PonyCat with Alden Ikeda and Adam Linz
9 p.m. – Zeitgeist
Friday, September 11
8 p.m. – Nautilus

9 p.m. – Zeitgeist
10 p.m. – Janus Percussion
Saturday, September 12
8 p.m. – Vivienne Corringham
9 p.m. – Zeitgeist
10 p.m. – Opera Bob
Studio Z:
275 East Fourth Street, Suite 200, St. Paul

"...Cartwright sounds like he's stirring about the galley of a boat at night, belowdeck, opening a beer, fixing himself an omelette, and doesn't know he's being overheard. All in all, an offering of great loneliness. Even despair." -Jazz Improv